Elepreneurs provides basic and advanced programs for our new
and veteran members who are looking to make
entrepreneuring their primary career.

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Elepreneurs is on a mission.

Our mission is to Elevate lives through the products, services and business opportunities we make available to our Elepreneurs. We are
committed to serving others, helping others to succeed, and by so doing…
we lift ourselves!


Our bodies are our most precious assets and we should care for them as best as possible. Through our Elevacity brand of products we support your goals to be healthier, possibly more active, and of course, Happier.


Positive Psychology and the incredible research revealed over the past few years clearly states we may have had the formula for happiness and success backwards. We want to show you how to be happier!


Wealth should include all the components of our lives that are important to us. We should have a wealth of friends, provide a wealth of service to others and of course, we want to accumulate more money as well.

Lanes of Opportunity

Elepreneurs offers incredible Lanes of Opportunities that intend for a much higher percentage of generating money and less attrition.

Elevating Entrepreneurship mission.

Elepreneurs provides basic and advanced programs for our new and veteran members who are looking to make Entrepreneurship their primary career. These intense seminars, classes, boot camps and workshops were developed by Elepreneurs and are conducted by our powerful and dynamic team of seasoned entrepreneurs, who through rigorous training, have been groomed to be professional trainers. They will provide you with the mindset, skill-set, knowledge, system, action plan, tools, awareness, motivation and confidence to build a successful business, as well as a superior quality of life!

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We're changing lives all over the world, one person at a time. The moment you join us, you become part of a community that supports and cares about you. Let us help you find your joy… its easier than you think.


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Over 22 years in the online travel industry, and many additional years observing a variety of business models, Mr. Oblon has now created a most unique blend of assets found in the direct selling and network marketing models to launch a most unique approach to Super Affiliate Marketing. His personal mission is to be a part of Elevating the home-based business opportunity within the new Gig Economy around the world.

Meet The 3 B's & T


Keith Halls


Co-Founder of Nu Skin
#9 2017 Revenues: $2.28BN


Larry Thompson


Co-Founder of Herballife
#3 2017 Revenues: $4.4BN


John Fleming


President of AVON West
#2 2017 Revenues: $5.7BN

*$12.4BN total revenues in 2017 worldwide. 30% of the Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in the world.


Taylor Thompson

Larry & Taylor Thompson founded the Wealth Building Academy. They will also lead the development and offering of the S.A.M. Academy. Taylor is passionate about the role women play in our society and the freedom and flexibility offered by gig economy opportunities. Larry and Taylor Thompson represent a wealth of information and experience that is being tapped by Robert Oblon to lead Elepreneurs into the future as the next generation of opportunities based on the attributes of a new gig economy, which is forecasted to involve over 50 percent of our working population in the next few years.

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