About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are on a mission to Elevate the state of home-based entrepreneurs within the profession of direct selling and network marketing. Weve created a Blue Ocean Strategy to help create a different opportunity path and have employed unique strategies, including what we call lanes of opportunities, for the purpose of elevating the whole industry and healing its current fragmented state.

Mr. Robert Oblon

Founder & CEO of Elepreneurs International

Elepreneurs was conceptualized by Robert Oblon, a travel and direct selling industry veteran. Mr. Oblon began designing and developing online travel websites in the mid 1990s and by 2004 had embarked on plans for creating a unique business model in network marketing and travel. Mr. Oblon became determined to create a model that truly helped a much larger number of people, instead of the select few at the top of organizations, all too common in the direct selling profession.

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Edify Companies

Elepreneurs has a long-standing partnership with these following companies:

Unparalleled Leadership

The Elepreneurs is headed up and managed in a collective of experienced and talented humans all on the same mission: to Elevate Your Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Executive Leadership Team

Robert Oblon

Founder & CEO

Over 22 years in the online travel industry and co-creator of the largest travel MLM, Mr. Oblon has elevated to the top of the Direct Selling profession. He sits on the board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals as well as developed some of the most copied marketing video in the industry.

He’s known for unparalleled tenacity and perseverance with a legion of followers of his vision and mission to Elevate the state of home-based entrepreneurs around the world.

Jon Penkert


Jon Penkert has spent the last 25 years as a marketing powerhouse in both traditional business and Direct Selling. As a Fortune 500 executive, he has helped his last company achieve in excess of $100 million in revenues over a ten year period. As a leader in Direct Selling over the last 30 years, he has achieved success in several companies and more recently, his teams were more than 30% of the entire company with more than $400 million in overall sales.

Jon is known as a “Rainmaker” and has an incredible following in and out of the Direct Selling industry and is going to help take Elepreneurs to a multi-billion dollar legacy around the world.

F. Allan Walters


Frank A. Walters has more than 30 years experience as a CFO and COO in manufacturing, distribution, direct selling, management consulting, staffing and financial services companies. Mr. Walters is a graduate of Illinois State University and is a licensed Certified Public Account. From March, 2012 to present, Mr. Walters has served as Chief Financial Officer of Columbia Advisory Group, a Dallas, Texas based Information Technology (IT) consulting firm. From 2006 to 2010, Mr. Walters served as Chief Financial Officer of WorldVentures, a Plano, Texas based direct selling travel club. From 1999 to 2012, Mr. Walters served as President of Kestral Financial, a Los Angeles, California based firm which provided CFO and operational support for startup and emerging growth companies.

Scientific Advisory Board

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas is a 36 year veteran of nutritional supplement creation. He and his team comprise over 75 years of collective experience with over 800 inventions, many of which are patented and scientifically validated. Beginning in mid 2016, Elevacity and Alternative Labs entered into an exclusive license agreement for the exclusive formulations created by the world-renowned scientific team for some of their most prized product formulas. We are proud to have him lead our Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Norma Curby

Norma Curby has over 30 years of experience in business strategy, general management, M&A, new business development, and marketing in various industries, including healthcare, food, agricultural, and industrial chemicals. Mrs. Curby holds numerous licenses and certifications in engineering, leadership, nutrition, and health. She holds a Professional Development Degree, a BS in Civil Engineering, and an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Missouri. She also holds a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Trinity School of Natural Health in Warsaw, Indiana.

Travel Advisory Board

Daniel Ko

Daniel Ko has been a “transformation agent” in the world of online travel for over 18 years. As the original inventor of meta-search for travel, he founded QIXO in 1998 to take the first ever airline aggregator search engine to market. Graduating at the top of his class from Cal Tech, he is not only a seasoned and gifted developer, he is a Stanford law graduate and formally practicing business and litigation attorney. As the CEO of many companies in Silicon Valley, Mr. Ko has excelled in every avenue of business and entrepreneurism he has touched. He is the inventor of “Social Alchemy”.

Dae Byun

Since 1984, Dae Byun has worked in the vacation and leisure travel industry. In 1985, he opened a travel wholesaler/consolidator travel agency and has never looked back. Mr. Byun has built a reputation for training and providing some of the best travel agents and concierges in the country, specializing in member’s only travel clubs and fulfillment. In 2001, he built a 2,000 member host agency before selling to Nexion and continuing to build values for travel club members and venturing into the network marketing genre of travel. Today, Mr. Byun drives the vacation and leisure fulfillment segments for the Sharing Services, group of companies.