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Our Community

When your business
is based on sharing happiness,
it's hard not to have fun!

Happiness Is Contagious

Life can be difficult and crazy and frustrating and unfair.
When you become an Elepreneur, you are joining a community of people who've got your back. We look for the positive, the upside, and the possibilities in everything.
Our products make us happy. Our community makes us even happier!

Can business be fun?

When you're an Elepreneur

Just like if you were
climbing Mount Everest,
make sure your guides
have been to the top before.

More Than 200 Years Of Experience Working For You

Our management team has "been there and done that." We have experience leading Fortune 500 companies, Inc 500 companies and more than a dozen start-ups. We have network marketing experience, franchise experience and public company experience. We have helped launch and grow companies with BILLIONS of dollars in annual revenues. This means you can do your thing without worrying about what's happening at the Home Office.

Adventure awaits.

Happiness Is A Global Concept

Whether you're using your extra income for personal travel, joining your team on a special weekend retreat, or enjoying an all-expenses-paid corporate rewards vacation, Elepreneurs love to get out and experience all the world has to offer.

We are “born in the USA,” but we’re opening markets in CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND.
Why not expand your income potential and your adventures and go global with Elepreneurs?

We like to have FUN!

Ready to have
some FUN?


Let's do this!

Easy Start Up

Elepreneurs offers a complete virtual business
including a phone app, web system, automated
free sampling program and so much more.

Happier Pack

“Happier Pack” includes everything you need to
share and launch your new business – plus big

Happiest Pack

“Happiest Pack” = BEST VALUE!
Launch your new business bigger and faster – with more samples, more products, more confidence – AND the biggest savings!