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Presented by: Kelly Cavanaugh


Income = Freedom + Impact

People often think about money as “stuff.”
And there’s nothing wrong with a nice house and a nice car.
But financial happiness is about so much more than what you have …
it’s about what you do, who you do it with, and how it aligns with your purpose.
It’s about reducing stress and removing constraints.
It’s about traveling the world and living life on your terms.
And it’s about showing up for the important people in your life who need you the most.

Are you ready for life at the next level?
Are you ready to ELEVATE your income, your freedom, and your impact?



Life. Elevated.

Here’s what we mean.

You’re already
on your phone
most of the day.

Why not get paid for it?

A Few Crazy Facts About Today’s Screen-Based Lifestyle

  • The average American spends 11 hours and 6 minutes* every day in front of a screen
  • The average person scrolls the height of Mount Everest* in 1 year
  • The social sharing economy rings up more than $1 billion* every single day
  • ABC, NBC and CBS Evening News combined have less than 6 million viewers* a night while
    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has more than 150 million Instagram followers

The world has changed. Power to the people! Media and commerce are available 24/7, 365 right in the palm of your hand. Now here’s the important part, not only can you spend money from your phone, you can MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR PHONE … and this spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y!
With Elepreneurs you’ll get everything you need to leverage social media and promote online. Plus, you’ll receive step-by-step success training. You don’t have to be a health expert or a seasoned business professional to share happy coffee, attract customers and build a team. If you have a cell phone, an internet connection and a desire to help the people around you, this business could be perfect for you.

  • Americans spend 11 hours and 6 minutes a day in front of a screen – Nielsen
  • Average person scrolls the height of Mount Everest every year – Irish Examiner
  • Social Sharing Economy rings more than $1 billion per day in sales – US Department of Commerce
  • ABC, NBC and CBS Evening News combined have less than 6 million viewers a night – Pew Research

When “money stress” goes away,

life opens up.

Get PAID For Something You’d Do For Free

The key to a great business is a product that’s so good, you’d share it even if you didn’t get paid. Well, guess what, you do get paid! And the more you share, the more you can earn. It’s that simple.

Earn Up To 64 EXTRA Paychecks A Year

Whether you’re looking to pay off PAST debt, increase your CURRENT income, or save for FUTURE expenses … an extra 64 paychecks a year can definitely help!

  • 52 Weekly Bonuses - Retail / Customer Acquisition Bonus / Fast Start / And More!
  • 12 Monthly Residual Commissions – Unilevel / Differential / Leadership / And More!
  • 30% Fast Start Pack Bonuses (up to $150)
  • Up to 10 levels of residual commissions
  • Up to $1000 in Leadership cash bonuses every month
  • Up to 1.5% Global Pools
  • Promotional Trips
  • And more!

Opportunities To Travel

We have Elepreneurs’ events across the United States … and soon we will be having them around the world. Some are business training events and others are to world-class resort destinations. So if meeting new people and seeing new places is on your wish list, then Elepreneurs may be a dream come true.

Check out all the ways you can get paid:

Elepreneurs Compensation Plan

The stars have aligned.

A fast-growing, public company that’s under the radar.

Public Company

The parent company of Elepreneurs is a publicly-traded company, which can give you peace of mind in the knowledge that we’re held to a much higher standard of transparency, accountability, reporting and financial stability than ANY privately-held company.

Growing Fast

Two years ago, this company was doing less than $1 million/month in sales; in the last quarter, we’re doing $12 million/month! This means our Elepreneurs are winning. They are making more money, living more comfortably and elevating their lives. Why not you?

Under The Radar

Ask your friends, “Have you heard of Elepreneurs?” Probably 99 of 100 will say, “no.” This means upside potential – BIG TIME!

We paid $1 million to Elepreneurs in 2017.

We paid $27 million to Elepreneurs in 2018!

We paid over $60 million to Elepreneurs in

Are we going to pay YOU in 2020?
There’s only one way to find out!