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Instant Impact

Ready for your
D.O.S.E. of Happy?


Instant Gratification

In today's instant gratification world, people don't want to wait 90 days … or even 90 minutes … to feel the impact of a product. Just ask our hundreds of thousands of customers: within a few sips of drinking any of our functional beverages, so many people say they just FEEL BETTER. Happy… energized… focused… some people say it's like their brain just "comes to life" and their imagination soars. Some say that stress and frustration gently fade into the background, while optimism, clarity and creativity move front and center. Just imagine it: you are ready to take on the world! And when you feel this good, you'll feel compelled to tell other people about it. Just share a sample, and the next thing you know, these instant impact products become an INSTANT IMPACT BUSINESS!

This is a business of duplication. When the product works fast, the business DUPLICATES FAST!

Dial up the
feel good

to 11!


The Deeper Story

Elevating your “feel good factor” is actually quite scientific. There are four primary happiness hormones:

Dopamine: pleasure
Oxytocin: love
Serotonin: good mood
Endorphins: euphoria

Our products are uniquely designed to elevate the "D.O.S.E. response" in your brain using a proprietary combination of all-natural ingredients. The more you and your customers take these products, the more happiness and motivation you and your customers can experience. Know anyone who could use a little more "happy" in their lives? How about energy, optimism and motivation? Of course you do. And that's why this business is so fun, simple, and rewarding.

The science of
is the
"next big thing."

And we are
THE LEADER in this
emerging category,

Beyond Happy

The fast pace of communication in today's "always-on" social media world is staggering. Texts, DMs, emails, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on and on. Staying on top of things is getting more and more difficult … and more and more stressful! That's where natural nootropics come in. NOOTROPICS is the science of cognitive enhancement. So, whether it's happiness, intelligence, creativity, focus, memory, energy, stress reduction or self-control, our Research & Development team is working on new and exciting all-natural products that deliver the benefits that make your life better. So, the faster the world changes, the more the world needs Elepreneurs.

Beyond Beverages

We created the natural nootropic beverage category. We offer a proprietary nootropic capsule called XanthoMax as well as a healthy line of all-natural skin care products. But we aren't stopping there. Watch for more new, innovative, proprietary, instant-impact nootropic products to make your life happier. From a business perspective, you can be assured that we will continue to extend our industry lead!

Customers Love Us!

Our products are affordable. They are a great value, because they deliver BETTER RESULTS for a LOWER PRICE than you can find at your local coffeeshop or online! Want proof? We have a ratio of nearly 10 CUSTOMERS FOR EVERY 1 DISTRIBUTOR! (409,739 Customers to 42,689 Distributors as of October 31, 2019)

Check out our newest Happy Coffee

Elevate MAXTM

We have hundreds of thousands
of HAPPY Customers.

Here are just a few.

We take our product manufacturing seriously!

Our products are exclusively manufactured at the highest quality standards
in a modern, NSF audited, cGMP compliant, FDA registered facility with
over 50 years experience.

Our product development team includes MDs, PHDs, Pharmacists,
Chemists, Naturopaths, Food Scientists & Nutrition experts.




Giving Back to the Charities YOU Select

Elepreneurs have a heart for giving back. HOPE is who we are. With the new D.O.S.E. OF HOPE Giving Partnership your daily D.O.S.E. will automatically help those who need your help the most. A portion of each D.O.S.E. Duo purchased will go towards helping the charities YOU choose. All Elepreneurs get to vote on the Charitable Organizations, and Elepreneurs does the rest. In 2020 Elepreneurs commits to giving at least $100,000 to the charities within the D.O.S.E. of HOPE Giving Partnership.

"Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others."
- Booker T. Washington

Ready to spread some HAPPY?
Great. Let's do this!

Elepreneurs offers a complete virtual business including a phone app, web system, automated free sampling program and so much more.

"Happier Pack" includes everything you need to share and launch your new business – plus big savings!

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